After installing Drupal and the menoci modules, some basic settings have to be configured through the Drupal administration user interface.

Configuration instructions on this page are currently work in progress.


Navigate your browser to the route admin/modules/ of your Drupal instance.

  1. Enable "jQuery Update" module in the section "User Interface"


Go to admin/appearance/

  1. Enable "Bootstrap" theme and set as default.

  2. [optional] In Bootstrap settings, "Advanced": set "CDN provider" to "custom" and replace default paths (like*) with
    /sites/all/libraries/bootstrap. The result should look like this for the the first CSS parameter:
    respectively for the CSS and JS fields. (This is optional but Bootstrap library files are shipped with the default Docker container, allowing you to minimize CDN traffic and related user tracking.)

Bootstrap theme configuration


Go to admin/modules/

  1. Enable "Commons" module, press "save" button, and confirm that module dependencies will be automatically installed.
  2. Enable "Published Data Registry" module in the section "".
  3. Choose from the following optional menoci modules to install:
    • Mouseline Catalogue
    • Research Data Archive
    • Wikidata extension

Go to admin/config/

  1. within the section Search and metadata enable clean URLs

  2. Create first research group

  3. [optional] Create subprojects

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