menoci is a collection of Drupal extension modules that can be used to rapidly deploy an integrated website and data management portal for research projects in the biomedical and life sciences. It is a featured tool from the Tool Pool organised by TMF.

The menoci modules are actively developed and maintained by the University Medical Center Göttingen, Department of Medical Informatics, and Göttingen Scientific Data Center, GWDG.

menoci Source Code

The menoci suite is distributed via the dedicated menoci GitLab repository.

Original Repositories

This distribution repository comprises the following menoci modules:

  • Commons: shared libraries, group and subproject handling
  • Data Archive: store and share data packages (using CDSTAR as a backend storage service;
  • Literature: publication list
  • Wikidata: optional extension of the publication list, that cross-references Wikidata pages of registered articles
  • Antibody Catalogue: track antibodies used in the project
  • Mouse Line Catalogue: track mouse lines and specimen used in the project



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The source code of this website is available at menoci-docs GitLab Repository

menoci Project

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