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menoci is a collection of open source Drupal extension modules that can be used to rapidly deploy an integrated website and data management portal for research projects in the biomedical and life sciences.

The menoci modules have are actively developed and maintained by the University Medical Center Göttingen, Department of Medical Informatics, and Scientific Data Center Göttingen, GWDG.


Based on the Drupal web content management system, menoci introduces multiple extension modules that support scientific data management for life science research projects.

Schematic representation of the menoci system architecture.


Features of menoci include:

  • Manage and display the scientific track record of your project in a standardized format (peer-reviewed article, published datasets, preprints, etc.)
  • Document and display all resources linked to the published data
  • Keep track of key assets for your biomedical experiments:
    • Antibodies,
    • Mouse lines and mice,
    • Cell lines* and cell models (iPSC, hiPSC)
    • Laboratory notebooks*
  • Store your research data in CDSTAR and publish datasets with persistent resolvable identifiers from the ePIC consortium.

*) The menoci modules "Cell Model Catalogue" and "Lab Notebook Registry" are not currently included in the default software distribution but are freely available upon request.

Reference projects

CRC 1002The project investigates heart insufficiency in translational medicine. Origin of the menoci software.2012 - today
CRC 1190Compartmental Gates and Contact Sites in Cells. more information2014 - today
CRC 1286The project is specialised in Quantitative Synaptology and promotes a modern infrastructure including super-resolution imaging facilities. more information2017 - today


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